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  Krewe of the Conch Republic
No Shirt ~ No Shoes ~ Apologize Later

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our krewe! Our parade season runs from October to October and includes parades, krewe socials, and fundraising events. All prospective members must be sponsored by a current Conch Republic krewe member. If you aren't currently connected to a member, please see our Krewe Calendar for upcoming public social events. We would love to meet you!

Conchs Membership - $350 annually*

Flamingos Membership (Social Members) - $225 annually*

Junior Membership (ages 21 - 26) - $100 annually*

*In addition to membership fees a $50.00 application (payable upon initial application) fee

and a $75.00 initiation fee* (payable upon acceptance)

*This fee waived for the Junior Membership level.

For descriptions of each level, see application. (below)


Individual Membership - fees cover the cost of being part of our krewe and parades* are just one of the benefits of your membership along with charity events and krewe socials. The membership fees also cover the upkeep and storage of our awesome float. *Parades are not guaranteed and can be cancelled at any time for any reason. Our krewe requires at least 30 members to participate in a parade.

-Attends all parades

-Ride the float or walk - your choice

-Locker access upon availability - MUST SHARE

-Open bar

-Assigned mile marker

-Membership renewable annually

FLAMINGOS (Social Members) 

Gives each member access to TWO parades per year (we cannot guarantee which parades, Day Parade is not guaranteed and participation is based on availability). This membership retains access to all Krewe social events, and we continue to encourage these members to participate in Krewe committees, if their schedule permits.

-Atten two parades per season (Day Parade is not guaranteed)

-Ride the float or walk...your choice

-Open bar

-One year membership at this level (exception for out of state members)

-If you join as a Conch member the consecutive year you do not have to pay the registration fee again...Only pay the membership fee

HEMINGWAYS (Junior Members 21-26 yrs. old)

Any person between the ages of 21-26 can become a full member for $100 per year. (This membership level is capped at 20 members)

-Attend all parades

-Ride the float or walk...your choice

-Open bar

-Renew membership each year until the age of 27


Mailing Address

c/o Annie Perez, Board Secretary

2709 W. Lutz Lake Fern Rd.

Lutz, FL 33558

Email -

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